Tears Of Joy! S’pore Employer Surprises Her Domestic Helper With BTS’ SUGA Concert Ticket!

SUGA from the famous Korean boy band BTS is coming to Singapore this June and getting tickets was a bloodbath! 

However, that didn’t stop one Singaporean employer from getting a ticket for her domestic helper. 

tears of joy! s’pore employer surprises her domestic helper with bts’ suga concert ticket!Photo via TikTok (@kimberlee.ang)

In a TikTok video that was uploaded on 4 April, Kimberlee Ang shared her experience of trying to get the ticket for her assistant, Nur. 

She explained in the video that Nur has been wanting to go and see SUGA, so she asked if Ang could help her buy the ticket during the ARMY membership pre-sale because she doesn’t know how to access the ticketing site. 

Nur then thought about it for a little while and decided against it because the tickets were too expensive for her.

As a gift from her and her family, Ang went ahead and purchased the ticket for Nur without her knowledge. She claimed that purchasing the ticket is a “bloodbath” and she had never experienced “such anxiety.”

Ahh, we understand how she feels!

Luckily, she got the ticket for Nur despite being the 5,600th person in the queue.

“I’m shaking” Nur said, while crying, not believing that she’s actually holding a ticket to SUGA’s concert in June. 

The quick-witted Ang then replied, “You’re shaking? My whole body is sweating! I’ve never bought a ticket before, you know?

@kimberlee.ang This must be the most intense ticket purchasing for me. I dunno how quick #army can be! @pjm 🐣 Nur, hope you like your gift from us. Thank you for being with us for 7 years. Party hard on 18th June 2023 at the #sugaconcert #sugaconcerttourasia2023 #sugaagustdtour #armybts ♬ original sound - Kimberlee🌿

“Nur, hope you like your gift from us. Thank you for being with us for 7 years,” her caption reads.

How sweet!