S’pore Competitive Eater, Zermatt Neo Downs 13 Durians In One Hour!

Who hasn’t heard of Zermatt Neo?

Zermatt Neo is a competitive eater from Singapore who has made headlines for finishing ridiculous amounts of food in one sitting. His most recent accomplishment is no less impressive - eating 18 plates of char kway teow in 40 minutes during his recent trip to Penang. 

s’pore competitive eater, zermatt neo downs 13 durians in one hour!Photo via TikTok (@zermattneo)

However, he recently went viral again for participating in Lexus Durian King hour-long-all-you-can-eat-buffet.

In a video that was uploaded to his social media account on Thursday (19 January), Zermatt was seen flexing his durian eating prowess. He also pointed out how “extremely meaty, really fleshy” the durian is. 

“The durian is literally 95% meat,” adding that the durians also had a “bitter aftertaste.”

The 35-year-old YouTuber has already proved that he is able to take such a feat and even managed to take pictures with passing fans, while still maintaining a steady eating pace. 

According to AsiaOne, after his eighth durian he said: “After eight fruits, it’s not going to be enjoyable,” while breaking into laughter.

Zermatt finished at the hour mark with a little over 13 durians. 


$38 MSW Durian Buffet! Downed a little over 13 fruits, not exactly a big fan of durians but you guys asked for it. Full video up over on YouTube btw! Address: 1001 Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore 534739

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Though he wasn’t “100% satisfied,” he said he had to stop because “the taste is really getting to him.”

Woah, 13 durians in just one hour? He is so cool!