Sijil Paragliding Malaysia (SPM)

sijil paragliding malaysia (spm)Photo: Instagram (@lauramelissawilliams)

Some of this year’s SPM students seem to have quite a bit of time to spare, as they have been hard at work harassing an unfortunate paraglider who just so happened to have the same name as someone in the recent SPM English paper. 

While the similarity may just have been coincidence (or maybe someone got inspired), a large portion of SPM candidates got curious and decided to check if the paraglider Laura Melissa Williams actually existed. Well, she does.

Word spread about Laura’s Instagram account, and soon, there were thousands of comments on the post - some saying they would look for her if they failed the question, while others asked her how she felt when villagers had to cut her paragliding rope (in relation to the exam question). 


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It is believed that most of the comments came from candidates who failed to answer the question, as the majority appeared to be releasing their anger towards her. It is as if these students believed that Laura was the one responsible for what happened, when she was merely a victim of coincidence.

sijil paragliding malaysia (spm)With the post gaining traction across social media, there were also netizens who quickly jumped in to criticise the students who took out their frustration on poor Laura. Some questioned the point of bashing someone who probably wasn’t even aware that she was featured in a national exam paper in Malaysia.

We think the time students spend on social media could be put to better use - like studying for the next paper, maybe!

By: Celestine Foo