Woman Shocked Sons Bought RM2,600 Worth Of Online Games Using Phone Meant For PdPR

A woman in Kelantan was shocked to find out that RM2,600 had been deducted from her online bank account to pay for online games, a purchase she did not make...

woman shocked sons bought rm2,600 worth of online games using phone meant for pdprPhoto via Gaming Bolt

According to Malay Mail, the incident happened a week ago after Nor Liyana Abdullah lent her old handphone to her 13-year-old twin sons to use for their daily Teaching and Learning at Home (PdPR) sessions. 

“Last week, I wanted to purchase some accessories online on an e-commerce platform, but was denied purchasing because I only had RM2.00 in my account.

“I checked my emails but it took me off guard as it stated that I had used RM2,600 and purchased some online games,” she said in a Facebook post. 

Gara-gara PDPR....bagi phone kat anak..Semasa PDPR curi-curi main game....sampaikan habis duit dalam akaun sebanyak...

Posted by Nor Liyana Abdullah on Sunday, July 11, 2021

Liyana said that it must’ve been one of her sons who figured out her password on her Google Play account to buy the games which was also the same password used for the Google email. 

And as for the TAC (Transaction Authorisation Code), she said that she did not receive the TAC before the purchase was made and that the verification might have happened through her email. 

Liyana said that her sons admitted they were responsible for the purchases after she questioned them. 

“I tried to contact my bank to claim my money, however, it was unsuccessful as the fault was mine to have given the freedom to my sons to use my phone and access my particulars.

“Being a secondary school teacher myself, I was busy with my own school work and my own PdPR lessons so I entrusted my two sons to just use the phone for their studies. But now I’ve learnt my lesson and I have blocked my debit card,” she said.

She also changed her password, deleted the apps on her old handphone and installed an app to allow parents to monitor their children’s online activity. 

Oh no! That’s a lot of money for a few online games. 

Parents, please be mindful of your children’s activities online. 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat