"Welcome Back, Jinki!" SHINee's Onew Makes His First Public Appearance After Health Hiatus

SHINee's ONEW has returned to the public eye after a hiatus, and his fans are ecstatic! 

welcome back, jinki! shinee's onew makes his first public appearance after health hiatusPhoto via X (@daintysunshine1)

In June 2023, SM Entertainment announced that ONEW would be taking a break from promotions due to health issues. Concerns arose among fans when they noticed his frail appearance, prompting widespread support for his recovery and well-being.

SM Entertainment released a statement at the time, explaining the situation: "Recently, ONEW visited the hospital after experiencing health issues and has since received a medical examination and consultation. It has been advised he will need medical care and rest. After careful discussion with the group, they have decided to have ONEW focus on recovering for the time being as he will be unable to participate in the upcoming activities."

Nearly a year later, on April 20th, 2024, ONEW was spotted at Incheon Airport in much better health. His fans' emotions were heightened the following day when he appeared on the red carpet at Mediacorp Entertainment's Star Awards 2024 in Singapore.

The Star Awards is an annual event that honours the best content and brightest stars in the local Chinese entertainment industry. ONEW's appearance marked his first public event in 10 months since his hiatus, and the reaction was overwhelmingly positive. 

Photos and videos from the event showed a beaming ONEW, who interacted warmly with fans and appeared to be in excellent spirits.

SHAWOLs, SHINee's dedicated fanbase, expressed their excitement and relief upon seeing ONEW's return. His joyful demeanour and healthy appearance reassured fans that he was on the road to recovery. Korean netizens also shared their happiness, with comments like "I'm so relieved," "He doesn't age," and "You look healthy, thankfully."

During the event, ONEW not only walked the red carpet but also performed his solo song "Your Scent." His confidence and energy on stage, coupled with the enthusiastic cheers from his fans, highlighted his successful return. He later presented an award, exuding charm and confidence.

The public response to ONEW's return underscores the significant impact artists have on their fans and how much their well-being matters to them. As ONEW continues his journey, the support and respect from his fans will undoubtedly play a crucial role in his recovery and future success.

Welcome back ONEW-man!