"Never Separate Them Again!" SHAWOLs Celebrate as ONEW Joins SHINee Encore Concerts

In June 2023, SHINee's leader ONEW announced a temporary hiatus due to health concerns, which unfortunately meant he couldn't participate in the promotional activities for the group’s studio album "HARD" and their much-anticipated 3-day concert.

Fans were understandably concerned, but the story took a turn for the better as the months unfolded.

SM Entertainment shared an important update with fans that ONEW had visited the hospital due to health issues and was advised to take time off for medical care and rest. 

This meant that he would miss the group's upcoming activities. Despite this, the remaining members—KEY, MINHO and TAEMIN were determined to carry on with the concert and album promotions. 

SM Entertainment reassured fans that this decision was made to ensure the long-term health and success of the group and asked for their understanding and continued support.

In April 2024, the long-awaited news came—ONEW was back! He signed with GRIFFIN Entertainment as their first artist, signaling a fresh start. His first public appearance since the hiatus was at the Mediacorp Entertainment’s Star Awards 2024, where he looked healthier and happier than ever, much to the delight of fans. 

Shortly after, ONEW held a solo fan meeting in Japan, reconnecting with his dedicated supporters.

The excitement reached a fever pitch when SHINee announced their grand concert series, "SHINee WORLD Ⅵ [PERFECT ILLUMINATION : SHINee’S BACK]," set for May 24-26 at Inspire Arena. The group teased fans with a rehearsal photo featuring all four members, including ONEW, signaling his full return to the stage.

On May 24, SHINee performed to an electrified crowd of Shawols, who were overjoyed to hear ONEW's voice on classic hits like "Dream Girl." The concert was even more special as ONEW performed "Body Rhythm" with SHINee for the first time, making fans' dreams come true.

The reunion of all four members was a momentous occasion, celebrating SHINee's 15th anniversary. The joy and energy were palpable, both from the members, who were thrilled to be back together, and from the fans, who couldn't be happier to see their beloved leader return. The group is set to create unforgettable memories with their fans during this celebration and beyond.

SHINee’s comeback with all four members marks a new chapter, filled with promise and excitement for what lies ahead.