SEVENTEEN Reveals the Secret Behind Their Unbreakable Teamwork Among 13 Members

K-pop boy group SEVENTEEN recently shared their secret to maintaining a tight bond among all 13 members. The group discussed their teamwork and camaraderie during a press conference for their new album, "17 IS RIGHT HERE," released on April 29 with the title track "MAESTRO."

seventeen reveals the secret behind their unbreakable teamwork among 13 membersPhoto via The Korea Herald

At the press event held at the Conrad Seoul, SEVENTEEN's leader S.COUPS emphasised the importance of regular meetings and open communication. "We meet regularly, and I truly believe these meetings are crucial," he said. "There have been times when communication was lacking, but through conversation, we've learned to understand each other better."

S.COUPS highlighted that their connection goes beyond work, saying, "It's not just a professional relationship. It's probably the same for the rest of the guys, too. Our teamwork feels natural because we're more like a family."

HOSHI, another member, explained that despite having so many members, their bond has stayed strong. "With 13 of us, you'd think it would be easy for things to fall apart. But we've been lucky to meet good people. It feels like we've known each other forever, and sometimes it reminds me of high school," he said.

SEUNGKWAN added his perspective, mentioning that their conversations aren't always smooth sailing. "We don't just have pleasant chats; we also complain and even have big arguments. But we've reached a point where we can laugh about it," he explained. 

"Our bond is so strong that it's unbreakable."


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The members' reflections on their journey together show that their teamwork isn't just about making music—it's about building lasting relationships. 

Through open communication and shared experiences, SEVENTEEN has created a unique chemistry that keeps them together as one of K-pop's most popular groups.