SEVENTEEN's S.Coups Faces Criticism Over Military Exemption: Misleading Clip Sparks Controversy

S.Coups, the leader of SEVENTEEN, has been in the spotlight for more than his stage performances this year. Earlier, when it was announced that he would be exempt from military service due to a serious knee injury, the reaction was mixed. 

Despite his injury being classified as Grade 5, which legally exempts him from enlistment, many online critics were quick to question the validity of his exemption.

seventeen's s.coups faces criticism over military exemption: misleading clip sparks controversyPhoto via Billboard

S.Coups injured his ACL in August 2023, leading to several months away from the group's activities. His recovery included surgery and a significant period of physical therapy, during which he kept a low profile. By March, he started to reappear with SEVENTEEN, albeit in a limited capacity, to avoid further damage to his knee.

Controversy brewed after a short clip surfaced from a performance in late March. The post in question didn’t include the actual video, just a screenshot showing S.Coups appearing to jump while others remained still. This snapshot fueled criticism from netizens, implying that if he could jump, he was fit enough to serve in the military. Comments on the post were harsh, suggesting that he was faking his injury to avoid conscription.

However, those who watched the full clip came to S.Coups' defence, pointing out that the screenshot was misleading. It turned out that he wasn't actually jumping high; he was just slightly ahead in the choreography. Additionally, fans noted that he took frequent breaks during the performance and was generally cautious to avoid aggravating his injury. The clip’s out-of-context use seemed aimed at stirring up unnecessary controversy.

seventeen's s.coups faces criticism over military exemption: misleading clip sparks controversyPhoto via Koreaboo

Supporters of S.Coups quickly reminded everyone that military exemptions aren't granted lightly, and his status was determined by the authorities, not by him. They emphasised that his priority should be his health and safety, especially given the severity of his injury.

Although some fans suggested that S.Coups should be more careful, it's easy to understand his excitement to return to the stage after months of recovery. It's not unusual for artists to feel the adrenaline of performing live, even if they need to be cautious.

Ultimately, S.Coups has a dedicated team of medical professionals and doctors closely monitoring his health. They ensure he doesn't push himself too hard on stage and that his routines are safe for him. 

Here's hoping he takes the time he needs to fully recover and gets back to dancing with his SEVENTEEN brothers when he's ready. Wishing him a speedy recovery and a happy return to the spotlight.