SEVENTEEN's Jeonghan Drops Hint About Military Enlistment? CARATs Respond Online!

In the midst of SEVENTEEN's latest album drop, "17 IS RIGHT HERE," and the impending conclusion of their FOLLOW tour, fans were taken by surprise during a recent fan meet when Jeonghan hinted at his potential enlistment in the military.

Jeonghan, the group's second eldest member after S.Coups, dropped a bombshell during the May 12, 2024 fan meet. In a video shared among fans, Jeonghan cryptically mentioned that he "won't be around" for much longer.

While discussing the unique qualities of each SEVENTEEN member with fans, Jeonghan encouraged them to explore the diverse charms of the group. However, his tone shifted when he somberly alluded to his impending absence, leaving little doubt that he was hinting at his upcoming military service.

The revelation sent shockwaves through the SEVENTEEN fandom, with fans visibly distressed and scrambling to comprehend the sudden news. Even Seungkwan seemed taken aback by Jeonghan's unexpected disclosure.

For those familiar with the world of Korean entertainment, the mandatory military service for able-bodied South Korean men is a well-known obligation. 

As such, while bidding farewell to Jeonghan might be difficult, fans can only hope for his safety and successful completion of military service when the time inevitably arrives.