“I’ll Go Next Year” Hoshi Directly Comforts Fan Regarding SEVENTEEN's Impending Military Service

In South Korea, all men are required to complete mandatory military service between the ages of 18 and 28. For SEVENTEEN, this means that the oldest Korean members, S.COUPS and Jeonghan, are scheduled to enlist in 2024. 

“i’ll go next year” hoshi directly comforts fan regarding seventeen's impending military servicePhoto via Music Mundial

Born in 1995, they turn 29 this year, making it their last opportunity to delay service. While S.COUPS is exempt due to a torn ligament injury, Jeonghan has already spoken about his upcoming enlistment, causing concern among fans.

Following them, the group's 96-liners—Hoshi, Wonwoo, and Woozi—are next in line for enlistment as they will turn 28 in 2024. 

This has understandably caused anxiety among fans about their future absence. To clarify the situation, one fan asked Hoshi directly about his enlistment plans during a video call fansign event, especially given the recent discussions among the members about military service.

Hoshi's response was reassuring, “I’m not going this year, not this year. I’ll go next year. Next year.” 

This announcement has provided relief to CARATs, confirming that the 96-line members will not be enlisting in 2024. Fans now have an additional year to emotionally prepare for the eventual enlistment of their favorite members.

We hope when the time comes, Hoshi will do well and stay healthy. 

CARATs will undoubtedly wait patiently to reunite with SEVENTEEN once they have all completed their service to their country.