Security Guard's Simple Diet of Rice, Onions, and Garlic After Sending Money to Family Touches Netizens' Hearts

In the daily grind of life, many of us carefully manage our earnings to make them last until the next payday.

Considered fortunate are those who can occasionally indulge in life's pleasures, like dining out at fancy restaurants or catching a movies.

security guard's simple diet of rice, onions, and garlic after sending money to family touches netizens' heartsPhoto via Facebook (Penang Kini)

However, a touching story from Malaysia recently illuminated the selfless actions of a foreign security guard who captured the hearts of countless Malaysians. Viral images showcased him partaking in a meal, not for the meal's complexity, but for its simplicity: a plate of plain white rice, doused with boiled water and adorned with onions. 

This meal may suffice to fill one's belly, but it raises questions about its long-term satisfaction…

A heartwarming Facebook post by Penang Kini shared the security guard's motivation behind sticking to such meager meals – a deep, unwavering love for his family in his home country. On each payday, he generously sends a substantial portion of his salary to support his family in his hometown, leaving him with only a modest sum for his own expenses.

While many of us could effortlessly spend over RM100 within a few days or a week, this dedicated guard manages to make the same amount last the entire month.

"He doesn't spend more than RM100 in a month on food," the post revealed.

The user who shared this touching story also mentioned that, when he has a bit more budget for the week, he occasionally treats the guard to better meals.

Insan terpilih...Kerja rajin... Gaji guard sama banyak ja dgn orang lain.. Tapi awat dia makan nasi putih + kuah air...

Posted by Penang Kini on Saturday, 21 October 2023

In the comments section, numerous Malaysians offered their best wishes to the guard, while others expressed deep empathy for his situation and the challenges he faces.

"This exemplifies the extraordinary sacrifices a father makes for his family. They, too, are human beings with emotions, so let's extend our compassion to them."

"Those who have experienced difficult times will understand. It's always your spouse and children who come first. I wish you all the best!"