Security Guard At Penang Hospital Praised For Patiently Feeding Elderly Aunty Her Food

A security guard at a hospital in Penang was praised by the public after a video of him feeding an elderly aunty her food.

security guard at penang hospital praised for patiently feeding elderly aunty her foodPhoto via TikTok (@penang_kini)

The security guard who is known as Uncle Subra works at the Penang General Hospital. In the video, Uncle Subra can be seen patiently feeding the woman her food with a smile on his face, while the aunty sits in her wheelchair. 

The caption reads: “A security guard with a noble heart. He was feeding this aunty who wasn’t accompanied by anyone. His name is Sri Subra and works at GH Penang.”

Ahh, this warms our hearts!


Pak guard berhati miliaMenyuapkan makanan kepada warga EMAS tidak di temani sesiapa pun.terbaik Pak guard bernama Sri Subra Di GH Penang. 🔥

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Netizens took to the comment section to praise the uncle for his kindness saying that this kind of attitude should be encouraged.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat