Seafood Restaurant In Pangkor Charges RM75 For Ikan Siakap, KPDN Pays Visit After Post Goes Viral

A Malaysian customer recently took to her TikTok account, @kekyahfornour, to share her experience dining at a beachside restaurant in Pangkor. 

She dubbed the meal as “more expensive than dining at KLCC & Pavilion.” 

seafood restaurant in pangkor charges rm75 for ikan siakap, kpdn pays visit after post goes viralPhoto via TikTok (@kekyahfornour, @kpdn_perak)

The customer ordered a fish weighing around 600 to 700 grams but found it to taste ordinary, mentioning that she has had better fish elsewhere.

However, the exorbitant price of the seafood was not the only concern for her. She expressed dissatisfaction with the condition of the chairs, describing them as mouldy, and criticised the service. Despite paying RM142 for the meal, she pointed out that they were only provided with plain water.


Ikan bakar siakap around 600-700g RM75 kalah harga ikan kat KLCC dengan pavilion.. kedai kerusi pon berkulat, service out then rasa biasa2 je.. total makan RM142 since minum air kosong je.. sorry kekyah bukan jenis berkira pasal makan tapi this is totally not worth.. sama harga mcm makan ikan kat swiss harga dia.. makan kat singapore pon x semahal makan kat sini walaupon kena darab 3.5.. Bila x g travel local selalu persoalkan x support local tapi see peniaga jenis cekik darah cmni.. Sesiapa g pangkor tu hati2 la makan kat area teluk nipah ni.. korang makan area city je la selamat harga x cekik darah mcm ni..

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In addition to the fish, the customer ordered a plate of egg, Tom Yum soup, and prawns. She humorously remarked that it felt like she was dining in Switzerland and expressed her reluctance to support local vendors at such high prices.

The incident occurred at a restaurant on Teluk Nipah Beach in Manjung, Perak, and the customer urged fellow Malaysians to exercise caution during their visits, emphasising the absence of price tags and weighing scales at the establishment.

The power of social media came into play when the video went viral, amassing 1 million views. Subsequently, officers from the Ministry of Domestic Trade & Living Costs (KPDN) visited the restaurant and conveyed their concerns to the operators. 

The KPDN TikTok account, @kpdn_perak, reported that during a two-day observation, they noted the absence of price tags and the non-use of weighing scales for seafood transactions. The prices on the menu were also found to be significantly higher than those at other establishments in the vicinity.

@kpdn_perak Berikutan tular di TikTok seorang pengguna mengadu dikenakan caj harga masakan hasil laut yang mahal Jumaat lepas, KPDN Perak telah melaksanakan tindakan pemeriksaan ke atas premis yang diadu. #hargamahal #pangkor #teluknipahpulaupangkor #kpdnperak #unitmedia_kpdnperak #fendyscreative ♬ original sound - KPDN PERAK

As a consequence, the restaurant operators were issued the Goods Information Confirmation Notice, requiring them to submit all details regarding their goods to KPDN within five working days. If found guilty, they could face a fine of not more than RM100,000 or up to three years of imprisonment. 

This incident serves as a reminder of the impact of social media in bringing attention to consumer rights and ensuring fair business practices.