Sarawak Teacher Takes Students And Parents On A Hike To Find Internet Access

Our teachers are truly our heroes!

A teacher from SMK Lubok Antu has gone the extra mile to ensure that the children in his longhouse can keep up with their studies, following a nationwide school closure due to the pandemic.

sarawak teacher takes students and parents on a hike to find internet accessPhoto via Free Malaysia Today

According to Free Malaysia Today, the 43-year-old science teacher, Sambau Dugat said, most of the students do not have access to a computer or a reliable internet connection. 

Because of that, Sambau decided that he would look for a place with a better connection so that the children could continue to study online, which led him and the students on a three-hour hike to a higher spot where the internet connection is more stable.

This allows the students to check their messages and other information posted online by their teachers through social media or the online messaging app, WhatsApp.

“I knew I had to do something. Some parents and family members had also decided to follow us and help us take care of the children. We started our journey at 9:30 am and reached there at 12:30 pm. We spent an hour there as it was about to rain before going back to the longhouse,” he told FMT.

sarawak teacher takes students and parents on a hike to find internet accessPhoto via Free Malaysia Today

Eight primary school students from SK Ng Delok and 12 secondary students from SMK Lubok Antu, SMK Engkilili, and SMK Tabuan Jaya sports school followed him on the 3-hour journey on Sunday (15 November). 

He also said that this is the most affordable option for the children to get a better internet connection instead of going to the nearest town which is 30 minutes away and would cost about RM20 to RM30 a person.

“I grew up in the longhouse and I know the situation very well. I was worried that the students would be left behind as they have no internet access for school,” he added.

This serves as a reminder that there are people in Malaysia who still struggle to get the most basic thing which almost all of us have today; internet connectivity.

Thank you cikgu, for all that you do for the students, you are truly a hero! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat