Sarawak Delivery Rider Goes Viral For His Gibberish Talk, Confuses Malaysians With His “Language”

Being a delivery rider can sometimes be boring…

Especially when you are sitting outside of restaurants waiting for orders to be picked up or while you’re waiting for orders to come in.

A delivery rider in Sarawak, known to his followers as Ar Ar recently went viral on TikTok for making hilarious videos talking gibberish, or some would say “broken mandarin” while he waits for his customer’s orders. 

@pakwerangers405 bila aku cakap bahasa cina sendiri x faham apa aku cakap...#kuchingtiktok #fypシ #tiktoksarawak #fyp ♬ bunyi asal - pakwerangers405 - PAKWE_RANGERS405

“In Sarawak, nobody really cares about race, we all speak a little bit of each other’s language, Chinese, Tamil, and Malay,” he told Malay Mail. 

He also hangs out with fans of his comedy group, Pakwe Rangers, and will somehow come up with random jokes and skits. 

@pakwerangers405 bila kau syok minum kopi Dan nak order mkn dia promote bnda lain...#fypシ #fyp##sarawaktiktok#tiktokmalaysia ♬ bunyi asal - PAKWE_RANGERS405

He is so funny!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat