Satay Sensation Down Under: Sabahan Duo's Food Truck Sells Out in Three Hours Every Day!

Perth, Australia has succumbed to the irresistible allure of satay, thanks to a Sabahan couple who've taken the city by storm with their delectable offerings.

Operating from the aptly named 'Satay Bro' food truck, this duo has not only won the hearts but also the appetites of locals, leaving a lasting impression with their tantalizing blend of flavors and expertly grilled perfection.

satay sensation down under: sabahan duo's food truck sells out in three hours every day!Photo via TikTok (@thepapanash)

The rise to fame for Satay Bro was catalyzed by a TikTok review video from food critic Papa Nash. The video showcases Zul, the owner, skillfully grilling generous servings of skewered satay, complemented by his wife's preparation of ayam goreng berempah, another Malaysian delight featured on their food truck.

Papa Nash's glowing review highlighted the distinguishing factor of Satay Bro's satay – the use of lean meat, setting it apart from more traditional renditions. The satay experience is authentically completed with a side of onions, cucumber, and ketupat, mirroring the customary presentation in Malaysia. Awarding a perfect 10/10 rating, Papa Nash crowned it the "best and tastiest satay" he has ever encountered.

In just three short months of operation, Satay Bro has evolved into a sensation, its reputation echoing through the city and drawing ever-growing crowds to their food truck. Zul shared that they commence operations at 2 pm, managing to sell an impressive 400 sticks of satay daily.

Papa Nash, in his review video, marveled at the quality by stating, "This can honestly fight anything I've tasted in Malaysia... He starts selling at 2 pm in the afternoon and, by 5 pm, normally they sell out." The success of Satay Bro extends beyond satay and ayam goreng berempah; their menu also boasts other classic Malaysian dishes such as mee goreng and nasi kuning ayam panggang.

@thepapanash Malaysian Satay stall in Perth, Australia! These couple are from Malaysia and setup a business by the roadside in Souther River, Western Australia, selling Satay - known as Satay Bro (Part 2 👉🏻 @Papa Nash ) #thepapanash #papanash #satay #satayayam #sataydaging #australia #halalaustralia #halalaustralianmeat #sataybro #perth #perthfood #halalfoodperth #malaysia #MalaysianFood #malaysianfoodie #sabah #sataychicken #satayaustralia #malaysianfoodinaustralia #australianfood #ayamberempah #halalfoodaustralia #southernriver #westernaustralia ♬ Food Hunter - ZydSounds

Malaysian cuisine, known for its rich and diverse flavors, has undeniably found a universal fan base, and Satay Bro is proving to be a delicious ambassador of this culinary tradition in the heart of Australia. 

For those eager to savor this culinary experience, Satay Bro offers their satay either as a set for AUD12 (RM36.04) or individually at AUD2 (RM6.01) per stick, making it an affordable and delightful option for locals and visitors alike.