Sabah Student Attends Online Class In Car Boot To Get Internet Connection

Anis Arina Aqilah Roslee has been getting into her car and going to the nearest village almost every day for the past two weeks just so she could attend her online class.

sabah student attends online class in car boot to get internet connectionPhoto via TikTok (@nisa_rinaa)

After the telecommunications tower in her village in Telupid, Sabah was destroyed in a fire on March 25, cutting off internet access in the area, the 23-year-old Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris student was left with no choice.

She is, however, adamant about continuing her studies through distance learning, which she has been doing since February 2020, despite the fact that it requires her to go from village to village just to get online.

"Every day, I travel between 10 and 15 kilometers from Jalan Tawai to Entolibon to get internet access," she told FMT.

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Anis, the eldest of three siblings, shared a video of her attending her online class while sitting in the boot of her car. Netizens took to the comment section to praise Anis’ effort to attend her online class.

Her lecturer was heard encouraging Anis to not give up despite the challenges she faces in the video.

Anis expressed her gratitude for her lecturer's understanding of her situation and asked that she prioritize her safety.

"My lecturer told me that it was fine if I couldn't make it to class. My safety is more important, and that they will assist in providing notes because they are aware that I am unable to use the internet," she stated.

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Residents in Anis' village have already complained to the government, but they were told that the parts needed to install a new transmission tower had to be transported in from West Malaysia.

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission and a telecommunications company, on the other hand, are attempting to assist in providing internet access in the village. 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat