Sabah and Sarawak Showcase Their Cultural Splendor in an Unforgettable Parade through Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia's vibrant and multicultural beauty was recently celebrated as Sabah and Sarawak natives took center stage in Kuala Lumpur, showcasing their rich traditions and culture during the Hari Gawai and Kaamatan Festival. 

The awe-inspiring event, captured by The Filmmakers Company Director and CEO, Sam Wong, on his TikTok page, has garnered attention and appreciation for promoting awareness of the existence and significance of Sabah and Sarawak in Malaysia.

sabah and sarawak showcase their cultural splendor in an unforgettable parade through kuala lumpurPhoto via TikTok (@greatsamco)

The videos shared by Sam Wong depicted the group's joyful journey from their home states to Kuala Lumpur. Dancing and rejoicing on the airplane, they brought their infectious energy and enthusiasm to the heart of the nation. As they paraded through the streets of the capital donning their magnificent traditional attire, they encountered curious onlookers who mistook them for Indonesian nationals. Proudly declaring their Malaysian identity, they embraced the opportunity to educate others about their unique heritage.

The celebration continued as they traveled on the MRT, engaging with fellow passengers, taking pictures together, and fostering a sense of unity. The genuine display of Sabah and Sarawakian culture left a lasting impression on those who witnessed it, with many expressing their appreciation and calling for more recognition and representation of diverse Malaysian cultures.

This heartwarming event serves as a reminder of the immense beauty and richness that stems from Malaysia's multiracial and multicultural tapestry. 

It highlights the importance of embracing and celebrating the various cultures that contribute to the nation's unique identity, fostering unity and understanding among its people.

@greatsamco Part 4. Never give up! This is a series of short stories from my perspective, following @panglimapeterjohnjaban’s in his journey to put our native people on the map of Malaysia. @flyairasia @sukaseni_my @waupost #bnf2023 #culture #storiesthatmatter #agikidupagikngelaban #sabahonsoi #nevergiveup ♬ original sound - greatsam

So, so beautiful! We hope our friends in Sabah and Sarawak had a great Kaamatan and Gawai festival!