S’pore Man Lets Autistic Boy Ride His Truck, In Awe Of Father’s Patience Raising Him

This is so heartwarming!

Raymond Lee, who encountered a father-and-son duo, wrote on his Facebook page that he had noticed the pair hanging around his workplace before, but never managed to speak to them. 

However, this time around, Lee got to speak to the father and found out that the boy has autism. 

s’pore man lets autistic boy ride his truck, in awe of father’s patience raising himPhoto via Facebook (Raymond Lee)

The boy had been constantly waiting around the trucks as he is a big fan of trucks and tractors, which was why he and his father were always hanging around the trucks belonging to Lee’s company. 

The father would wait for his son every time, allowing him to indulge in his interest, and he would simply wait instead of rushing his son. 

According to Mothership SG, these truck viewing episodes would occur when the boy either had to go to school in the morning or home in the evening, and his father would patiently persuade him to go to school or home.

The father explained that it would take him around 30 minutes to persuade his son sometimes, and as a result, the father would end up late for work.

He also told Lee that his son loved prime mover trucks so much, he would even take photos with them. How adorable! 

Lee then went to his car to grab a spare key for the truck, realising what it would mean for the boy to experience being in a prime mover. 

He allowed the young boy to sit inside the prime mover and promised to take him for a ride in the new Scania S500 Highline. 

Lee noted that he was in awe of the father’s patience in raising his son, given that he has five children himself. 

“I am a father of five kids myself but by hearing and understanding this special kid’s father on his situation and patience towards his son really earned my fullest respect for him,” he said.

Met this pair of father and son hanging around at one of our company truck this evening when I was about to go home from...

Posted by Raymond Lee on Monday, September 20, 2021

There is still kindness in the world! We’re so happy that the boy got to actually ride a truck! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat