Run Faster! Can Go Home Makan After!

run faster! can go home makan after!

Marathons are never easy, and they say half the battle is in your own head.

Some people find comfort in being able to have bragging rights while some motivate themselves by thinking about all the distance they have covered and knowing there’s no point in turning back.

run faster! can go home makan after!Photo: Suren Seeny

At the recent Kuala Lumpur Standard Chartered Marathon, supporters were seen at the side, holding banners filled with motivational messages for the runners.

As encouraging as these posters were, the straightforward and relatable nature of the messages caught people’s attention. Now we just wonder if it made the runners laugh and throw them off their game too!

Among the signs spotted, one sign said “lagi cepat lari, lagi cepat bole balik tido” - because what better motivation than getting sleep, right? Meanwhile, another cheeky sign bore the message “jodoh di depan (untuk yang bujang sahaja)”. While this may just be giving false hope to some, we really can’t argue about the motivational value of this message. We sure hope someone found their special person at the end of the line!

What are some of the quirky signs you have seen at marathons?

By: Celestine Foo