“Just Paratha With Egg!” Redditor Shares Photo Of “Roti Telur'' In US Restaurant, Netizens Amused

We all know what a roti telur looks like…

But in case you don’t, roti telur is a type of roti canai with egg filling where the egg is poured over the roti, sometimes with onions and chili to give it a little spice and crunch.

However, we just found out recently that not all roti telur is the same when it comes to other countries. A redditor recently shared a photo of a roti telur that he had in a restaurant in the United States, and well, it’s not quite the roti telur that we expected…

In the post, the user said that he had ordered a plain roti canai, however there is an additional $US 2 to add an egg, which is around RM10. The restaurant also charges $US 6 for the curry sauce, which is an additional RM 30.

Wah, that is an expensive roti canai!

But when the food arrived, he did not expect it to just be a plain paratha topped with an egg: “Thought I was getting roti telur” he said in the caption.

Other redditors were shocked to see how much the man was charged for the meal, “That’s not even fresh paratha. The paratha looks suspiciously like the instant paratha that I pan fry at home for 5 minutes!”

“This is not roti telur. More like roti dengan telur” one person commented. 

“just paratha with egg!” redditor shares photo of “roti telur'' in us restaurant, netizens amused

What do you guys think of this roti telur?

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat