Yum! Roti Canai Ranked No. 1 On World’s 50 Best Street Foods List!

Can never get enough of roti canai!

The roti canai just recently topped Croatian-based travel guide TasteAtlas’ World’s 50 Best Street Foods list.

yum! roti canai ranked no. 1 on world’s 50 best street foods list!Photo via Coconuts

Though ranked at No. 1, the Malaysian favourite shared the same points of 4.9 with Philippine’s Lumpiang Shanghai. 

Malaysians took to the comment section, saying how happy they were to see their favourite breakfast meal had topped the list, “I guess it’s not a waste that I’ve been eating roti canai every day to contribute to it being number one on the list," one person said jokingly.

“Hidup roti canai (long live roti canai)” another person said. 

The flatbread also sparked conversations among our neighbors - the Indonesians, with many of them coming up with absurdly humorous justifications to “claim” the roti canai as theirs. 

“The roti canai first appeared in Pulau Jawa. In fact, a roti canai was discovered 10,000 years ago which serves as archeological proof that it’s from Indonesia,” one user said. 


In case you don’t know and have been living under a rock, or if you’re not from Malaysia… roti canai is an indian flatbread that is found in a lot of Southeast Asian countries, but most frequently found at mamak restaurants in Malaysia. 

RANKING UPDATE: www.tasteatlas.com/street-food World's street foods ranking according to TasteAtlas audience ratings. Opinions?

Posted by TasteAtlas on Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Yum, but mamak sounds good for dinner… roti canai, maybe?

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat