Roti Canai Terbang Gone Wrong! Customer Gets RM50 Compensation After Roti Canai Landed On His Face

In March, we wrote about a young boy who was entertained watching two workers make flying roti canai until one of the roti canai slipped and landed on top of the young boy’s head…

Well, the same incident happened again, this time at Roti Terbang Kampung Mezan in Melaka, where one of the flying roti canai stunts didn’t go according to plan and landed on one of their customer’s face. 

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Fortunately, the customer was a good sport and laughed it off!

The restaurant even compensated the customer with RM50 for what happened and even apologized to the customer.

The short video amused netizens who jokingly said that they would go to the restaurant to have roti canai thrown into their faces just so they could get the RM50 compensation money. How funny! 

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Many also praised the customer for not losing his cool and for being a good sport!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat