"RM11 Roti Telur!” Malaysian Shocked as Breakfast Costs RM45 at Famous Tourist Spot

An eyebrow-raising incident captured the attention of netizens when a Malaysian shared his experience of paying RM11 for a roti telur at a popular tourist destination.

The incident highlights the need for travelers to be vigilant about prices at tourist areas, as the cost of food can sometimes be significantly higher than expected, leading to potential overpayment.

rm11 roti telur!” malaysian shocked as breakfast costs rm45 at famous tourist spotPhoto via Facebook (Hairil Aien)

Hairil Aien was travelling on December 26th when he opted for breakfast at a restaurant situated in a well-known tourist spot on the borders of Selangor and Pahang.

His order included a plain nasi lemak, a roti telur, two roti canai, and two beverages – a standard meal for two typically priced under RM20 at a mamak, right?! 

But, to his surprise, the total bill amounted to RM45, with the roti telur alone costing a staggering RM11. That’s crazy!

This revelation sparked a discussion on social media, with Hairil's post garnering over a hundred comments at the time of writing. Netizens expressed their shock at the high price, with one commenting, "So expensive. RM11 for roti telur?" Another humorously suggested that the restaurant must be using premium Omega eggs.

“The eggs must be from out of this world with that price,” another person joked. 

Roti diawangan berterbangan..roti 1800 meter..

Posted by Hairil Aien on Monday, 25 December 2023

This incident serves as a reminder for travelers to exercise caution and check prices before ordering at tourist destinations to avoid being caught off guard by unexpectedly exorbitant amounts. 

Awareness and diligence can go a long way in ensuring that we don't fall victim to inflated prices and, at times, ridiculous charges for everyday meals.