Rizky Febian's Busking at KLCC Surprises Netizens as They Spot “Kanye West” as His Bodyguard

Security personnel or bodyguards play a vital role in ensuring the safety and well-being of artists during their performances, and their presence is a common sight at concerts and music events.

rizky febian's busking at klcc surprises netizens as they spot “kanye west” as his bodyguardPhoto via Twitter (@PkckAm)

A recent video of Rizky Febian's busking performance near KLCC has captured the attention of the online community. While Rizky Febian's performance was undoubtedly impressive, it was his personal security guard who stood beside him that sparked a flurry of interest among netizens.

In the video, the personal security guard by Rizky Febian's side bore a striking resemblance to none other than American rapper Kanye West. The uncanny similarity in appearance between the security guard and Kanye West did not go unnoticed by Twitter users, who quickly commented on the remarkable likeness.

Some netizens humorously referred to the security guard's role as a "side income," given his resemblance to the famous rapper. The playful comments added a lighthearted touch to the discussion surrounding the video.

This video quickly gained viral status on Twitter, amassing an impressive 140.3K views, 1.4K likes, and 911 reposts within a short span. It was evident that the resemblance between the security guard and Kanye West had struck a chord with social media users.

The comments and reactions on Twitter were diverse, reflecting the spectrum of responses to this intriguing video. Some expressed astonishment at the uncanny resemblance, while others shared light-hearted jokes and memes related to the unexpected doppelganger. 

Overall, the video served as a reminder of the unexpected and delightful moments that can surface in the realm of social media, providing amusement and entertainment to all who came across it.