Mat Salleh YouTuber, Rhys William Celebrates 11 Years Living In Malaysia On Merdeka Day!

Merdeka may have come and gone, but the spirit of Independence Day continues to flourish among Malaysians. With Malaysia Day just around the corner, the Merdeka vibes are still brimming with warmth and unity.

Meet Rhys William, a British YouTuber who has made Malaysia his second home. Rhys embarked on his Malaysian adventure back in August 2012, and now, after 11 remarkable years, he's woven the colorful tapestry of his life right here in Malaysia. 

mat salleh youtuber, rhys william celebrates 11 years living in malaysia on merdeka day!Photo via Facebook (Mat Salleh Cari Makan)

Today, he proudly wears the hats of both a YouTuber and a food reviewer, sharing his delightful experiences on his YouTube channel, "Mat Salleh Cari Makan." His channel is a treasure trove of hidden gems and mouth watering culinary delights from various states across Malaysia.

On Merdeka Day, Rhys took to Facebook to commemorate this extraordinary journey. He shared a heartwarming photo collage, juxtaposing an image of his very first visit to Malaysia a decade ago with a recent snapshot, both featuring him proudly holding the Jalur Gemilang.

"A Mat Salleh who grew up in Malaysia," Rhys affectionately captioned the post.

Rhys couldn't help but share a humorous throwback from 2019, where he jokingly admitted to having gained a few extra pounds over the years due to his irresistible indulgence in Malaysian cuisine.

"Malaysian food is simply irresistible, am I right?" Rhys chuckled.

After his maiden visit to Malaysia in 2012, Rhys made the life-changing decision to relocate here permanently just a year later. Remarkably, he now converses in fluent Malay, like a true local! His years in Malaysia have not only nurtured his passion but have also allowed him to immerse himself in the rich tapestry of Malaysian culture. Most of his YouTube content is now lovingly crafted in Malay, a testament to his deep connection with the nation.

August 2012 vs August 2023. Memang mat salleh seorang ni dibesarkan di Malaysia 🇲🇾 😅🙈 Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan 🇲🇾 🥳 #sayabukanyangdalammatkilau #merdeka #matsallehcarimakan

Posted by Mat Salleh Cari Makan on Thursday, 31 August 2023

In another heartwarming Facebook post, Rhys shared a touching montage of pictures capturing his cherished moments in Malaysia over the years, underscoring the deep bond he shares with the country and its people.

We are elated to have Rhys as a part of our Malaysian family, and we eagerly await more of his content, which uncovers the hidden culinary gems that many Malaysians may not have yet had the pleasure of discovering. Rhys's journey is a testament to the unity and hospitality that make Malaysia such a welcoming and beloved home for people from all walks of life.