Outrage as Resellers Offer Exorbitant Prices for Starbucks x BLACKPINK Tumblers, Netizens Express Frustration

Recently, a frenzy has erupted over the new Starbucks collaboration with the famous K-Pop group BLACKPINK, featuring a collection of stylish tumblers. 

The collaboration has garnered immense interest, with some enthusiasts even lining up early in the morning to secure their coveted pieces. While many have been overjoyed upon obtaining these limited edition items, others have been left disheartened by their failure to acquire one.

outrage as resellers offer exorbitant prices for starbucks x blackpink tumblers, netizens express frustrationPhoto via Twitter (@brgsjks)

Adding fuel to the fire, a disturbing trend has surfaced on Twitter, where individuals are reselling the exclusive tumblers at exorbitant prices, drawing widespread criticism from the online community. Screenshots of these scalpers' posts have gone viral, revealing shocking prices reaching as high as RM899, far exceeding the original market value.

Claiming to be personal shoppers, these resellers justify their inflated prices by boasting about securing extra pieces and demanding a premium for their services. Another screenshot showcases a tumbler being sold for a staggering RM1,500, with the seller asserting its rarity as a one-of-a-kind BLACKPINK Rhinestone tumbler, limited to just 532 units in Malaysia, and non-negotiable in price.

The public's response to these scalpers' actions has been anything but favorable. Netizens have expressed their outrage, condemning the steep prices and questioning the ethics behind such practices. Many have highlighted the fact that these resold tumblers could easily cover the cost of three months' worth of essential groceries, shedding light on the financial disparity between the exorbitant prices set by the scalpers and the original retail prices.

The discussion has gained considerable traction, amassing 557 retweets, 184 quote tweets, and 2,408 likes on Twitter, underscoring the significance of this issue.

Supporting scalpers only perpetuates this troubling behavior, enabling them to exploit genuine fans and capitalize on their enthusiasm for limited-edition merchandise. 

This, in turn, fuels the demand for scalped items, making it increasingly challenging for true enthusiasts to purchase these items at reasonable prices.

In light of this situation, it is essential for fans and consumers to be vigilant and not support scalpers by refusing to purchase products at inflated prices. Instead, responsible buying practices and demand for fair pricing can help deter scalping, ensuring that limited-edition collaborations remain accessible and enjoyable for all genuine admirers. 

Let's stand together against scalping and foster a community that values fairness and inclusivity in the world of fandoms.