M’sian Shares Horrifically Dirty Condition of Her JB Rental Room Left by Irresponsible Tenant!

Being a landlord comes with challenges, especially when tenants don't take care of the property they're renting. A recent viral video shows a rented room left in a terrible mess by an irresponsible tenant.

m’sian shares horrifically dirty condition of her jb rental room left by irresponsible tenant!Photo via TikTok (@nooraticanordin)

Shared on TikTok by @nooraticanordin, the video takes us through the room in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. It was filled with trash everywhere, making it an unpleasant and unlivable space.

The landlord's reaction in the video shows their shock and disappointment. They called it "another level of tenant from hell," expressing the frustration many landlords face.

To show the difference, the video includes pictures of the room before the tenant moved in, highlighting its cleanliness. It's a clear reminder of the importance of cleanliness and responsible tenancy.

Comments on the video expressed disgust and disbelief at the messy state of the room. People couldn't understand how someone could live like that. It emphasizes the need for cleanliness for a healthy living environment.

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To prevent such situations, landlords should have clear written agreements with tenants that include expectations for cleanliness. Regular inspections can also help ensure proper maintenance.

Tenants also need to take responsibility for keeping the property clean. It shows respect for the property and creates a harmonious living environment.

Remember, cleanliness is a shared responsibility. By promoting cleanliness and responsible tenancy, we create a positive environment for everyone. Let's work together to maintain rental properties and foster pride, respect, and well-being for all.