Red Light, Green Light! 10-Feet “Squid Game” Doll Will Eye You Down While You Jaywalk At Shopping Mall In Manila

Remember to stop when a traffic light turns red or you might just have to pay for it… with your lives. 


red light, green light! 10-feet “squid game” doll will eye you down while you jaywalk at shopping mall in manilaPhoto via Allkpop

Jaywalkers making their way across the street to Robinsons Galleria Ortigas mall in Quezon City, Metro Manila might have to think twice before making an illegal crossing.

The creepy doll from popular viral series, “Squid Game” set up in front of the mall can turn its head around in unnatural ways, eyeing your every move...

According to Mashable SEA, several videos have been circulating online of the doll’s eyes flashing a scary red from time to time, letting you know not to mess with it.

The doll takes a cue from the series’ depiction of the classic children’s game ‘Red Light, Green Light’. Never heard of the game? What have you been doing as a child?!

Traditionally, the game starts with one kid as the ‘traffic light’ and they’d have to stand quite a distance with their back facing the rest of the players. When the traffic light calls ‘Green Light’, all players will have to move towards the traffic light, until the traffic light spins around and calls ‘Red Light’. Then, all players must freeze on the spot and anyone caught moving will have to go back to the start. 

In a video, the doll can be seen standing at the stairway to the mall’s entrance, staring at passersby and people crossing the road near the entrance. 

Ready to Play The Game? Greenlight…🟢 Redlight 🔴 Freeze 🙌🏻 Don't get caught moving...or else ⚠️ The doll from Netflix's #SquidGame is exclusively here at Robinsons Galleria 🙌🏻 Take a quick peek, snap a photo or TikTok with her at the ADB Avenue Entrance, Level 2 (near MOS Burger) 👀 Get in on the action of #SquidGame when you stream via Netflix 🦑 #Netflix #SquidGame #RedLightGreenLight #SquidGameRobinsonsMalls #SquidGameAtRobinsonsGalleria

Posted by Robinsons Galleria on Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Alamak, scary kan?!

But that’s one way to make sure everyone crosses the street only on green!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat