Real Lizards In Quarantine Leaving Your Pets With Nothing To Play With? This Cardboard Lizard Will Do!

We aren’t the only one trying to find some form of entertainment while we’re quarantined at home. Our pets are also running out of things to play with. Luckily, this Twitter user came up with a solution!

A Twitter user by the name of F shared his adventures with his two cats after he decided to draw a cardboard lizard for his cats to play with.

With the caption “17 days into MCO” F documented his two cats, Mukhsin and Mueez, gleefully playing with the cardboard lizard.

At first, they were curious.

And within minutes, Mukhsin caught the cardboard lizard.

F decided to make it trickier for them by placing the cardboard lizard higher up the wall.

Unfortunately, Mueez had no luck probably because of his short legs.

He did not give up though.

Within 15 minutes, Mukhsin caught on to his owner’s web of lies and was seen completely unfazed by the presence of the cardboard lizard.

Mueez, however, was still pretty excited.

F pitied Mueez and finally lowered down the cardboard lizard much to Mueez’s excitement. He finally caught the cheeky “animal”!

Mueez was so excited that he caught the cardboard lizard for the first time that even after a day later, he was still trying to make his owner proud.

F’s tweets about his cats have since gone viral, with more than 67K retweets and has also inspired other cat owners to do the same!

This MCO has really unleashed the creative side of many Malaysians and we are here for it!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya