RapidKL's Viral Love Advice: A Poetic Take on Commuter Etiquette, Including a Note on Farts

Over the weekend, Rapid KL's social media accounts stole the spotlight by sharing light-hearted yet insightful love advice that quickly gained massive attention.

Celebrating Single's Day on 11 November, Rapid KL took to Instagram to share four love-themed poems, offering a unique twist to common etiquette tips.

rapidkl's viral love advice: a poetic take on commuter etiquette, including a note on farts

rapidkl's viral love advice: a poetic take on commuter etiquette, including a note on fartsPhoto via Instagram (@myrapidkl)

In one poem, Rapid KL humorously stated, "Not letting out farts on trains is an act of respect for the common welfare. However, letting one go is always better than holding onto them to avoid being hurt."

The public transportation company continued with verses advising commuters to put their bags down for everyone's comfort but cautioned against having high expectations in love, reminding us that not every promise is fulfilled.

The poems touched on safety, urging people not to run to catch trains for everyone's well-being but leaving the decision to chase uncertain love open-ended.

Rapid KL concluded with a poignant line, tying litter-free train exits to the challenge of stopping caring for someone who treats us poorly.

The post quickly gained popularity, amassing over 17,000 likes on Instagram and going viral on Facebook with over 1,200 shares.

Malaysian netizens flooded the comments sections with laughter and praise for Rapid KL's unexpected foray into love advice. One top comment on Instagram commended the admin's creativity, stating, "Admin, you are so badly broken, oh my gosh. If there is a best admin award, I'll vote for you, bro."

Another netizen added a poetic touch in response, highlighting the juxtaposition of safety and love: "Auxiliary police is always by our side for our safety, but (our lover) will not always be by our side even if our hearts are hurt."


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Playful interactions ensued, with a female Instagram user teasingly asking, "Admin, are you available?" The amusing post not only delivered etiquette tips but also left Malaysian netizens thoroughly entertained.