Pulau Ubin Doggo, Bagel Rewarded With Lots Of Pets After Protecting Hikers From Monkeys

Animals are the best thing to ever exist!

Though nobody is sure whether they experience romantic love, according to Psychology Today, there is some evidence that animals are capable of experiencing the same range of emotions as we can.

pulau ubin doggo, bagel rewarded with lots of pets after protecting hikers from monkeysPhoto via TikTok (@lapinside)

One story really touched our hearts of the community dogs around Pulau Ubin in Singapore, who are known to be “guides” to those who go hiking along the island’s trail.

On Monday (20 March), a TikTok user shared a video about her encounter with a pup who she calls “Bagel.”

In the video, the woman explains that Bagel is one of the island’s stray dogs. She said that Bagel was “fearless” as “he chased away monkeys that were invading their space” while visiting them at their tent one morning. 

Bagel is seen in the video happily wagging its tail while being petted and massaged by the woman. 

Many in the comment section, who also had the pleasure to meet Bagel during their hike at Pulau Ubin, agreed that he is a good boy, “He followed my friends and I on our hike too! He’s like a guardian spirit.”

“He tagged along with my group when we were hiking there and we called him Happy the whole day.”

@lapindise Look at how happy he was receiving my massage! ☺️ #dogsoftiktok #asmr #dogmassage #fyp ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim

The video has since garnered over 131,300 views at the time of writing.

This is the cutest video ever! We want to meet Bagel one day, too!