Professional Wrestler, John Cena Speaks Bahasa Melayu With Content Creator, Sofyank!

Who doesn’t know Sofyan, a content creator from Kelantan, whose viral videos have caught the attention of Hollywood actor Will Smith and famous American internet personality Zach King!


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Sofyan, better known as Sofyank online, recently promoted the “Fast and Furious 9” movie that is now showing in Malaysian cinemas after it was postponed for over a year due to the pandemic. 

The best part is, Sofyan got John Cena to join in the fun as well. We’re so jealous!

In the 43-seconds clip, the 25-year-old Malaysian can be seen surprising John Cena with a giant toy. He then proceeds to fire the weapon but the actor easily deflected it and was heard saying “Bapak powerlah Sufian!”

Besides that, John also said “Tengok apa? What is that?” when Sofyan asked him to look inside his briefcase carrying the “toy”.

The video has since garnered over 382,000 views at the time of writing. 

Though they weren’t actually sitting right next to each other (you know, because of the pandemic and all) Sofyan still made the video fun and entertaining to watch!

What a cool video. We wish we are as talented as Sofyan!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat