Poultry Farm Owner Claims Loud DJ Music Killed 63 Of His Chickens!

Hmm, is this even possible, though?

Police in Balasore, India found an unprecedented case in their hands when a man lodged a complaint against his neighbour for playing loud music during a wedding, alleging that it caused the death of 63 chickens at his farm. 

poultry farm owner claims loud dj music killed 63 of his chickens!Photo via Hindustan Times

According to India Today, the poultry farm owner, Ranjit Parida claimed that his chickens died of suspected heart attacks brought on by the blaring music played by the DJ at his neighbour’s wedding ceremony. 

He said that the wedding had a DJ band pass in front of his house at 11:30pm on Sunday, and as the DJ neared his house, the chickens started behaving oddly, some even started jumping and hissing…

Despite Ranjit’s repeated requests to the DJ to lower the volume, the allegedly “ear-splitting music” played on, resulting in the death of 63 chickens. 

Ranjit said that he attempted to revive the chickens after they collapsed but it was in vain. He then checked with a local veterinarian, who diagnosed that the loud noise had caused the birds to go into shock, which killed them. 

poultry farm owner claims loud dj music killed 63 of his chickens!Photo via Orissa Post

He added that he tried to settle the matter by asking for compensation from his neighbour, but the latter refused. Left with no other option, Ranjit filed a report at the Nilagiri police station against his neighbour, alleging that the birds died of shock from the loud music and fireworks.

Well, we learn something new everyday!  

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat