Pop Culture Talk That Kept Malaysians Hyped In 2020

Be it Korean dramas like #ItsOkayToNotBeOkay, local productions such as #UpinAndIpin, or Hollywood movies and celebrities, Malaysian fan chatter on Twitter is still at an all-time high. 

2020 was a very challenging year filled with obstacles for the global entertainment industry, but despite the limited opportunities for Malaysians to attend concerts or visit theatres together, we still remained resilient and resolute, with excitement and enthusiasm all the more evident online!

Here’s a lookback at what kept Malaysians glued to the edge of their seats (sofas) in the most extraordinary of years… 

pop culture talk that kept malaysians hyped in 2020

Photo via Variety

When the big screen went black

Although entertainment was enjoyed rather differently last year, what stayed the same was how Malaysians continued to discuss and bond over plenty of films. With its historic win at the Oscars in 2020 , hit Korean masterpiece #Parasite generated major buzz among Asians, with people joining in the celebrations online and cinema operators re-screening the movie.  

In addition to internationally acclaimed movies, local and regional productions also held their own. The #BoBoiBoy movie about a teenage superhero, and romantic Indonesian flick #Dilan1991 were both among the top movies talked about by people in Malaysia.

Back to the small screen

Of course, where Hollywood releases and international distributions were delayed, Malaysians filled the gap with a whole slew of local TV programmes. From variety shows like MeleTOP, to family drama #KampungPeople, Malaysians gathered online to talk about funny, sweet, and relatable moments, while looking forward to the next episodes of their favourite shows together. This resulted in a 48%[1] increase in conversation (Q3’20 vs Q3’19) about local television. 

The stars in their eyes

It therefore comes as no surprise that local celebrities too saw a boost in fan support last year. For example; when beloved actress Mira Filzah (@MFMiraFilzah) got married in September, fans shared their congratulatory messages as they were treated to an inside look at her morning and evening receptions, which were screened live on various channels and entertainment shows. 

Other local celebrities like singer Siti Nurhaliza (@CTNurhaliza11) and actor Remy Ishak (@remy_ishak) also continued to feel the love and adoration of fans. For example, when Siti encountered technical difficulties during a performance at Malaysian concert and awards ceremony, Anugerah Juara Lagu 34 (#AJL34) in February, her fans promptly (and humorously) expressed their distress on Twitter, 

Meanwhile, Remy Ishak took the time to engage with his fans one on one, triggering a flurry of excited Tweets: 

It’s unclear whether we’ll be able to gather for events or even go to the movies anytime soon, but we’ll still have Twitter to engage in conversation about highly-anticipated releases in 2021.

Stay home and stay safe, guys!


by Kyle Roshen Jacob