Poor Thing! Two Tapirs Caught On Camera Wandering Around Flooded Housing Area

The catastrophic floods in Pahang have not only affected humans but our wild animals as well…

Several video clips have emerged, showing a pair of Malayan tapirs roaming in floodwaters near Bukit Rangin Perdana in Kuantan, Pahang.

poor thing! two tapirs caught on camera wandering around flooded housing areaPhoto via Facebook (NU SyazEnt) & Facebook (Viral Pahang Makmur)

According to NST, the pair believed to be an adult tapir with its offspring, appeared lost as they waded through the murky floodwaters near a stretch of parked vehicles at the settlement before beating an escape upon realizing the presence of humans. 

In the 30-seconds clip, the mammals were seen wandering through the shallow floodwaters looking for food near a concrete wall. 

They fled after becoming aware of the presence of the man recording the video. 

In another video uploaded on Facebook, the pair can be seen braving neck-deep flood waters in front of a row of houses. This breaks our hearts! 

Kesian mereka sesattttt... 2 beranak... *TAPIR:* Lokasi: Bukit Rangin, Kuantan, Pahang. Tapir Malaya atau dikenali sebagai Tenuk, Cipan, Badak Tampung, Badak Tuli, Gajah Kerdil atau Badak Murai. Vegetarian. Suka bersendirian tinggal di kawasan tepi sungai. Antara species terancam/pupus.

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The Pahang Wildlife and National Parks Department (PERHILITAN) director Rozidan Md Yasin said the department received a report and has deployed its personnel to inspect the housing area. 

“We have been monitoring the tapirs and they appear to have fled towards a forested and hilly area behind Bukit Rangin. The animals may have strayed into the housing area in search of food,” he said.

Tapir sesat sebab banjir

Kesian dia, tak tahu mana nak lari. Elok duduk kat Mini Zoo je la, boleh orang datang melawat.

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Guys, if you see any wild animals roaming around in your neighborhood, please immediately alert the authorities!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat