This Heartwarming Photo of a Police Officer and an Inmate Playing Chess Warms Hearts Online!

In a heartwarming testament to human connection, a police officer from the Philippines has warmed the hearts of internet users by sharing a photograph of himself engaged in a game of chess with an inmate, transcending the physical barriers that separated them.

this heartwarming photo of a police officer and an inmate playing chess warms hearts online!Photo via Facebook (Arman Louie Buban)

PCpl Arman Louie Buban, a dedicated officer serving at the Sorsogon Police Provincial Office, recently became a viral sensation when he posted a picture of himself and a detainee deeply engrossed in a chess match. The caption accompanying the image simply stated, "No walls can separate us from being chess players."

During an interview with Pilipino Star Ngayon Digital, Buban revealed that he holds the position of president in a local chess club in his community of Magallanes. 

His conviction is that the chessboard serves as a great equalizer, providing an arena where individuals from all walks of life, regardless of their wealth, employment status, age, or background, can come together as equals. "I want to promote the game of chess for everyone," he emphasized.

No walls can separate us from being a chess player.

Posted by Arman Louie Buban on Wednesday, 5 July 2023

Additionally, Buban disclosed that he frequently inquires of newly arrived inmates whether they are acquainted with the game of chess, underscoring his dedication to inclusivity and his mission to share the joy of chess with everyone, even those confronting challenging circumstances.