M’sian Officer Helps Motorcyclist Stranded Without Fuel by Bringing Petrol, Turns Out It's His Friend!

Police officers have tough jobs, enforcing the law and helping people in need. But one Malaysian officer is setting a great example of how to handle any situation with care.

m’sian officer helps motorcyclist stranded without fuel by bringing petrol, turns out it's his friend!Photo via TikTok (@mpv_shah)

A TikTok user named @mpv_shah recently shared a lovely video of him helping a motorcyclist in Petaling Jaya. While on patrol one night, he saw a guy pushing his bike instead of riding it.

Approaching the motorcyclist, the officer realised it was an old friend he hadn't seen in a while. The man had run out of fuel and was pushing his bike to the nearest gas station. So, the officer went to get fuel and came back to help his friend.

After filling the bike with fuel, they had a brief chat, and promised to keep in touch before parting ways.

The officer later shared on TikTok how happy he was to reunite with his friend and help him out. People who saw the video praised the officer for being kind not only to his friend but also to someone in need.

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It's heartwarming to see friends reconnecting and helping each other out, showing that kindness goes a long way.