Police In Sabah Pranked By Sound Of A Crying “Pontianak”

Pranks are only funny when it is harmless, and it doesn’t hurt anybody- which in this case, it’s just not okay to harass the authorities who are working hard to keep Malaysians safe during a pandemic.

police in sabah pranked by sound of a crying “pontianak”Photo via Twitter (@Thehulkey)

Three PDRM officers and two RELA personnel were on duty during the COVID-19 roadblock at Jalan Tenom-Sipitang, Sabah, when they were harassed by the sound of a woman crying, which lead people to believe it could be the voice of a female vampiric ghost, also known to locals as a ‘Pontianak’.

The incident was caught on tape, showing the officers on duty being spooked by the sound. Despite the scary crying sound, it could be seen in the video that the officers on duty went to search for the source of the voice. 

The video was posted on Twitter by user @Thehulkey, and has since garnered over 178 thousand views. 

Folks on Twitter tried to figure out whether the sound was real or fake, and many revealed that the sound has been on YouTube, used by many paranormal YouTubers for their videos.

According to Berita Harian, the Tenom District Police, Deputy Superintendent Hasan Majid said the sound was non-existent and it was just a “prank” by irresponsible individuals who were trying to spook the authorities.

“We’re not sure whether the individual is trying to play a trick on them, but the police are taking this seriously and currently carrying out further investigation,” he added.

Let’s just hope the police managed to track down the culprit, and may he learn from his mistakes. 

Please just leave the frontliners to do their jobs, while we continue to do our part by staying at home until the MCO is lifted, okay?

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat