Please Don’t Lie If You’re Not Feeling Well!

Our medical personnel are already understaffed and overworked, and with the numbers of COVID-19 patients rising every day - we need them now more than ever.

If you’re unwell, please be honest with the medical staff, tell them your travel history and if you’ve been in contact with a person that tested positive for COVID-19. Don’t worry, they’re there to help you! 

This comes as the Sarawak local Government and Housing Minister, Dato Sri Dr. Sim Kui Hian took to his Facebook to call out citizens who came to health clinics or health offices and blatantly lied to the medical staff in charge of their health conditions, which puts the frontliners health at risk.

In his post, he said, “I am extremely sad to receive this type of message from my medical colleagues who are in the frontline everyday serving you but due to a few irresponsible people, they are at risk of COVID-19 infection! If they are infected, who is going to look after you? #DontRiskLife” 

The minister also shared a screenshot of a WhatsApp message with one of the medical staff who encountered a patient who lied about testing negative for the virus, “tens of our colleagues need to go to KBS for a throat swab”, and because of that, it is unknown if they’re able to resume their duties until they are cleared of the virus. 

please don’t lie if you’re not feeling well!Photo via Facebook (Dr. Sim Kui Hian)

Dr. Sim advised the citizens, “Come forward, tell the truth to the doctors and nurses,” Though being infected is no one’s fault, we have to be honest and work together. “Don’t lie to the doctors! The doctors and nurses are here to help you. If they are no longer available, then no one can help you!” 

“Together with the government, we will try to help you from infecting your family and your friends!” he added. 

So please, guys! Be honest. If you’re sick, it’s NEVER your fault. Just tell your doctor the truth!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat