Pizza Hut Started A Guessing Game On Twitter, Netizens Share Some Of The Most Hilarious Answers!

We’re still thinking of something that starts with a K and ends with a G, that would be good as a pizza topping. Any ideas?

On Wednesday (January 26th), Pizza Hut took to Twitter to start a guessing game with netizens, probably out of boredom or they’re actually teasing a new pizza topping? Hmm…

In the tweet, they asked netizens if they can guess a word that starts with the letter K and ends with a G. 

Netizens, of course, started throwing their guesses in the comments, and some were pretty hilarious! 

Many came up with “kucing” which means cat, in Malay, and they asked whether Pizza Hut is releasing “pizza kucing” or cat pizza as a joke.

While others thought of “kerang” or clams, “kangkung” or water spinach and “kacang” which means nuts.

We don’t think kerang, kangkung or kacang would make very good pizza toppings.

Not gonna lie, Malaysians can get very creative with their answers, so here’s more!

What do YOU think it is?

By: Aishah Ahadiat Akashah