Photos Of “Larger Than Humans” Purpleback Squid Captured By Deep-Sea Research Crew

The sea remains the least explored habitat on our blue planet.

In fact, we don't even know how many species exist in the oceans which makes it ten times scarier…

Last year, deep-sea researchers set out to explore the depths of the Red Sea. Not only did they find a shipwreck, but their underwater camera was photobombed by a monstrous squid that appeared to be larger than a human. 

photos of “larger than humans” purpleback squid captured by deep-sea research crewPhoto via Metro

How scary!

According to Metro UK, while exploring the remains of the “Pella”, which sank in November 2011, the team caught sight of the giant creature, and although the photo was captured last year, it wasn’t until September 2021 that they finally identified it as a purpleback flying squid. 

What an incredible discovery! 

Science program lead, Mattie Rodrigue, who was part of OceanX, a team of marine biologists and filmmakers, said that he will never forget what happened for as long as he lives. 

“All of a sudden, as we’re looking at the bow of the shipwreck, this massive creature comes into view, takes a look at the ROV (remote operated vehicle) and curls its entire body around the bow of the wreck,” he said. 

After the sighting, Rodrigue sought help from Dr. Michael Vicchione, a NOAA zoologist who concluded the mysterious creature was a giant form of the purpleback flying squid. 

photos of “larger than humans” purpleback squid captured by deep-sea research crewPhoto via Daily Mail

He pointed out the size of the anima’s fin relative to its body shows it wasn’t a giant squid as the purpleback fins are short and broad and form what looks like an arrowhead shape.

However, those on a giant squid are usually massive and muscular.

Well, whichever it is, it’s still pretty scary! We hope they don’t eat people… 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat