“New Classmate!” Professor Shares Photo Of Stray Dog Attending His Lecture At University In Sabah

Videos of stray dogs wandering the Universiti Malaysia Sabah campus have recently gone viral online.

“new classmate!” professor shares photo of stray dog attending his lecture at university in sabahPhoto via Facebook (Bahaman Ahmad)

One of the professors, Prof. Berhaman Ahmad claims that in the past, the university have asked the Kota Kinabalu City Council for help to remove the strays, however, after the COVID-19 pandemic, they have stopped taking away the animals as the council’s shelter have been overrun by strays found elsewhere. 

He added that the students did not appear to mind having dogs on campus, adding that they are now a part of the campus’ community. 

Speaking to Malay Mail, he added that the university had implemented new rules to reduce the number of stray animals, such as requiring trash cans to be securely closed to prevent strays from rummaging through them.

He added, "But I imagine some of the students are feeding them, which is why they are staying on campus.

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Posted by Bahaman Ahmad on Sunday, 27 November 2022

Just recently, one furry friend decided to attend Prof. Berhaman’s class, which he took a video of and shared it on his Facebook page. 

The pupper made the decision to move to the side of the stage to continue sleeping as the lesson went on, “He was the first to dash out of the lecture hall, and only stood up to leave when I dismissed my students.”

This is probably the cutest thing we’ve ever seen! 

Not going to lie, this would’ve 10/10 motivate us to go to class everyday.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat