Robot Sent To Shopping Mall In Singapore To Buy Milk Tea While Being Controlled By Someone In The Philippines

A robot on a mission!

Recently a video of a robot navigating through a shopping mall to buy some bubble tea in Singapore went viral online. 

According to the video, the robot was sent to a shopping mall in Singapore to buy bubble tea, while being controlled by someone all the way in the Philippines, “Buying milk tea with a remotely controlled robot. Can it be done?” reads the caption. 

robot sent to shopping mall in singapore to buy milk tea while being controlled by someone in the philippinesPhoto via TikTok (@frodobots)

In the one-minute video, the robot is seen trying to enter the shopping mall through the automatic glass door, but was unsuccessful. 

Luckily, two people walked through which triggered the sensors and opened the door. The robot then quickly went through before the doors closed again. 

It then proceeded to a milk tea shop and tried to get the cashier’s attention by saying “Hello” but was again, unsuccessful. 

A kind man, however, saw the robot and asked if it needed help. After listening carefully, he then proceeded to place the order for the robot and even used the cash that was in the basket to pay for the milk tea. 

After getting its order, the robot then proceeded to the exit…

The robot is seen following behind three women to the exit, who noticed the little robot and waited for it to exit the mall before letting the glass door close behind them. The man who controls the robot then thanked the women.

“Oh, cool!” one of the women can be heard saying. 

@frodobots Buying Milk Tea with a Remotely Controlled Robot: Can It Be Done? #robot #delivery #singapore #philippines #virtualdrive #gaming #milktea ♬ Mario like action game 2 - Jun Takahashi

The video has since garnered over 143,600 views at the time of writing. 

Netizens in the comment section were impressed and some even questioned how it was possible that a man was controlling the robot all the way from the Philippines. 

Don’t you think this is cool?