Perak Woman Spends RM2,000 Every Month To Care For Homeless Animals

Sabrina Abdullah from Perak cares for homeless animals around Manjung and Sitiawan, and has been feeding them for the past 30 years. 

She has taken it upon herself to care for more than 100 animals using money she gets from her husband and two children, as well as several kind souls, including one known as Miss Ooi. 

perak woman spends rm2,000 every month to care for homeless animalsPhoto via New Straits Times

“I always see stray cats at the morning market and they look hungry. I will feed not only the cats, but also the dogs.

“If I see any of them looking sick, I will take them to the veterinarian,” she told New Straits Times.

Sabrina also said that she needed 15kg of rice and 20kg of chicken daily to feed the strays, which she will start preparing and cooking as early as 8am. 

She will go to several locations around Kampung Acheh and Seri Manjung at 10am and then to areas near Kampung Koh and Sitiawan in the evening after prayers. 

“If I have to put the food near somebody’s house, I will get the home owner’s permission first and clean up once the strays have finished eating.

“I usually do this on my own but if I am busy, a friend will take over the task,” she said. 

Her monthly cost to care for the animals is RM2,000, including medicine and treatment. 

What an angel! You’ve inspired us, Sabrina!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat