Perak Man Helps Elderly Couple Who Were Left Behind By Bus At Ipoh R&R

A kind Perak man was praised by netizens after he helped an elderly couple by giving them a ride because they’d missed their bus. 

Mohd Hafez Sabri shared a photo of him and an elderly couple on his Facebook page last Wednesday (May 11th), along with an explanation of what had happened. 

The man, who was on their way to his prayers, stopped at the R&R after noticing the couple who appeared to be in distress.

perak man helps elderly couple who were left behind by bus at ipoh r&rPhoto via Facebook (Hafez Sabri)

“I saw the aunty and uncle and they seem agitated as if they were looking for something.

“I considered asking them what’s wrong but I’m concerned that it could simply be my assumption, as they could be dealing with other personal concerns,” he wrote in his post.

Hafez then went inside the surau to perform his prayers. After he was done, Hafez went back to look for the couple but they were nowhere to be seen, “I assumed they were already back on the road,” he said. 

As he was exiting the R&R and heading along the highway, he was surprised to see the elderly couple again, “It turns out that when the elderly couple stopped at the Ipoh toll plaza, they had just missed their bus.”

Hafez then asked the aunty and uncle’s permission to drive them so that they could catch up to their bus, “Gladly, we made it on time because their bus had made another stop at Aman Jaya in Meru, Ipoh. So I sent them there right away,” he added. 

He further explained that the couple was from Sungai Petani, Kedah and that they were on their way to Johor

He also said that the old couple reminded him of his own parents and that he felt obligated to help them.

This is so kind. Thank you so much Hafez for helping the aunty and uncle!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat