People Is Spelled Pluplue

people is spelled pluplue

Children rarely fail to disappoint (unless you have strict Asian parents). One elementary school teacher recently took to Twitter to share her amusement at the way her kindergarten students spelled some words. 

people is spelled pluplue

Photo: Twitter (@Sugarciax)

While most kids are able to spell “apple” or “book” correctly, how many can spell “excuse me”, “people” and “beautiful”? Apparently, not many. The one thing they managed to do, however, was to amuse a great number of people online.

Among the spellings the children suggested, our personal favourite is “eixszmi”, because, really, the spelling is so complex that even we had to scratch our heads quite a bit. 

Netizens also took the chance to share other funny things they have come across when dealing with children. One child had her own grocery list - she even drew boxes to separate each item on the list. Such dedication! 

Further down the thread, another teacher shared how she asked one of her students to come up with a menu for her pretend restaurant. Just one of those fun things teachers asked us to do on the pretext of learning, right? This little girl really went all the way and created a menu with “bleepop”, “orign”, and “mashatdadoos”, among other food items, on it. And those were just some of the few we could make out. 

What are some of the funny things you have seen children do?

By: Celestine Foo