Penang Toy Seller Accepts Father’s Offer To Trade Durians With Some Toys For His Children

As a parent, it's truly heartbreaking to see your children feeling left out because you can't afford to buy them the newest toys and devices.

One father chose to barter with a generous toy seller, who was more than happy to accept the trade in exchange to see the children smiling. 

penang toy seller accepts father’s offer to trade durians with some toys for his childrenPhoto via Facebook (PenangKini)

The toy seller shared on the Penang Kini Facebook page how a father and his children approached him to look at drones despite not being able to afford them. In exchange for a drone and some toys, the father, who is a durian vendor, offered some durians.

"Last night, this father and his children came to our stall. He badly wanted to buy toys for his children, but he lacked the financial means to do so. 

“He is selling durians. He then inquired whether we would take a durian exchange because his kids have been wanting to play with a drone for a long time."

As he considered the situation, the toy seller looked at his coworkers and eventually gave in.

"In the end, I agreed. As long as the kids are content. Because he had four children, the whole cost was around RM200, including the drone, a remote control car, and other small toys. "So that they each have one to share," says the writer.

"When he brought the durians over, there were Musang Kings mixed in with D24. We were pleased when we saw his children's faces.”

penang toy seller accepts father’s offer to trade durians with some toys for his childrenPhoto via Facebook (PenangKini)

The toy seller then took some time to show the children how to use the drone while the father stood at the side watching happily.

"While everything was going on, I took a look at their father. He had a grin on his face. I think he was happy that he could afford to buy his children these toys,” the writer continued. 

"It fills my heart with joy that I can help this parent in bringing happiness to his children. I didn't receive any money, but I did receive some Musang King."

The toy seller concluded his post by encouraging everyone to love and respect our parents.

Durian pengganti bayaq mainan.. Semlm time kami on niaga, mai sorang abang ni dgn anak-anak dia. Dia habaq nak beli...

Posted by Penang Kini on Sunday, February 13, 2022

While it's still unfortunate that the father can't afford to buy toys for his children, we're grateful that there are good people out there willing to meet him halfway and assist him where they can.

So kind!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat