Penang MP Helps Homeless Couple Begin A New Life

The pandemic has affected many of us. Many have lost their jobs due to the current economic situation, while others struggle to provide food for their families, or even a roof over their heads.

penang mp helps homeless couple begin a new lifePhoto via Twitter (@scheekeong)

A homeless couple who was living at the side of the road near Taman Bidara, Bukit Mertajam, Penang, was lucky enough to receive help from Penang MP, Steven Sim.

Taking to his Twitter, Steven shared a couple photos of him buying essential items and necessities for the couple. 

“Today I am bringing Shah and Siti to start a new life. We bought them some clothes and some essential items, hopefully it’s enough to last throughout the MCO since no one will be allowed to go anywhere then. Shah has gotten a few job offers, but for these two weeks, I just want him to rest at home and think about starting his new life,” he said.

He added that Shah and Siti were looking for cardboard boxes to sell while they were looking for a job. 

“They are not lazy. They wake up early every morning to find boxes to sell. They get around RM10-RM20 a day. Siti even has her own savings that she keeps aside to rent a house.”

“After all that shopping, I brought them to their new house. It’s not much, but it’s safe. I will pay for their rent until Shah could afford to pay it on his own. Hopefully they can start their new life here,” he continued.

One user even asked if they brought their cat along, and we were glad that they did!

This is so kind and we wish Shah and Siti well.

Guys, remember to always check on your family, friends or neighbours to see if they need help, especially during the MCO period. We’re all in this together!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat