“Thank You, Captain!” Photo Of Passenger Expressing Gratitude to Pilot on Unused Airsickness Bag Goes Viral!

Traveling by airplane can be an unpredictable experience, and passengers often hope for smooth skies throughout their journey. Recently, a heartwarming story has been circulating online, highlighting the gratitude expressed by a passenger towards the airline's crew.

In a post shared on a public Facebook group related to air travel, a pilot for a specific flight, identified as Flight MH2522, Captain Paul Lau, shared a message he received from a passenger during a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kuching on the evening of October 6th.

The passenger, identified as 18D, took a creative approach to convey their appreciation by writing a note on a sickness bag. The message was directed to all flight crew members, commending Captain Lau for his ability to ensure a smooth flight despite cloudy weather. The note expressed the passenger's gratitude and mentioned their phobia of turbulence.

“thank you, captain!” photo of passenger expressing gratitude to pilot on unused airsickness bag goes viral!Photo via Facebook (Paul Lau)

"I have a terrible phobia of turbulence and was worried that a late evening flight would be bumpy. Thank you guys for the amazing experience. I truly appreciate it. Hope you guys have a great weekend!" wrote the passenger.

Captain Lau was deeply moved by the gesture and posted a heartfelt response alongside the note. He expressed his sincere appreciation for the passenger's kind words and conveyed the crew's commitment to providing the best service possible, despite the challenging weather conditions.

"On behalf of the airline and my dedicated crew, I want to extend our heartfelt thanks for your appreciation. Your kind words have brightened our day and encouraged us to do our utmost for you and all our passengers. I would also like to apologize for the seatbelt signs being on for most of the journey due to adverse weather conditions. We look forward to having you onboard with us again," Captain Lau wrote.

The Facebook post garnered over 20,000 likes, with many Malaysians praising Captain Lau for his exemplary flying skills and the airline's commitment to passenger comfort.

"Great job, Captain Lau. Not many passengers take the time to express their appreciation after reaching their destinations. The passenger has certainly acknowledged the excellent job you and your crew did," commented one user.

Others praised the airline's service quality, sharing their positive experiences with Malaysia Airlines in the past.

"They're all great crews. I prefer this airline. God bless and protect them all!" wrote one Facebook user.

Several users pointed out the symbolism behind the note being written on a sickness bag, seeing it as a heartfelt gesture that signified the passenger's deep appreciation for the pilot's efforts.

"Captain Lau is exceptional because the air sickness bag is proof that it wasn't used for its intended purpose but as a token of gratitude. Although the passenger mentioned the weather, this bag didn't need to be used. Thank you, Captain!" commented one user.

This heartwarming exchange between a grateful passenger and the airline's crew serves as a reminder of the dedication and professionalism exhibited by flight personnel, even in challenging conditions.